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Building World-Class All-Grain Brewing System

Hi and welcome to All-Grain Brewing Setup! HereĀ I share all details on how I build a world-class All-Grain Brewing System from scratch, quickly, for as little money as possible. I will be figuring a lot of stuff out as we go, so keep an eye on how it shapes up. I will share every success and every mistake I make, so you can do better when you build your own system. If you like building stuff, or you are simply curious about home brewing from grain, come back often and check on my progress!

Goal: the system built and the first batch of beer brewed and ready to drink by Thanksgiving 2013!

Starting date (yesterday): September 13, 2013. (Friday the 13th, how cool is that?)

Talk to you with the updates soon!

(This site is up, that is an update of sorts, got me excited!)




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  1. bill harnish had this to say about that:

    I am new to all grain brewing

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